Block Rockin Beats Announced for Heineken® Big Top

Block Rockin Beats will play the Heineken® Big Top at Galway International Arts Festival

Block Rockin Beats will play the Heineken® Big Top for what promises to be an unmissable performance during this year’s Galway International Arts Festival on Saturday 20 July.

Dec Pierce’s Block Rockin Beats is a performance of the world’s biggest dance anthems, where rave meets rock, featuring a DJ set with a full live band

A show where both music styles unite for one unmissable performance. Expect songs such as No Good (Start the Dance) alongside Smells Like Teen Spirit and Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. Block Rockin Beats in a raw, energetic, live performance of Dec Pierce’s hugely popular radio show of the same name on Today FM which is fast becoming a live phenomenon.

Commenting on the live show Dec Pierce said, “The show is all about energy, nostalgia and fun. It’s a concert but we want you to lose yourself for a few hours. We want you to go back in time to experience these classic anthems with a full live band and special guests on vocals. It’s a unique music and visual experience."