Ol Times @ Róisín Dubh

Ol Times

Thu 28th July, 2022 9:00pm
@ Róisín Dubh

Following the success of their inaugural year in Galway City, classic rock outfit Ol'Times are well and truly on a path of destruction to put Rock n Roll back on the map. Combining the influences of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and The Rolling Stones with their own original tone to create a fiery cocktail of heart racing and intensely grooving sounds. The multi-national 5 piece apply acoustic and electric guitars, percussion and saxophone to deliver a sound of Ol' and new. Coming from diverse backgrounds such as Argentina, Italy and Ireland, Gabriele, Manuel, Kai, Nahuel, Colm and Finn have been developing their sound & their energetic live set since February 2019 after a chance meeting on the musical highways of Galway City. 


"Word after word" speaks about the struggles, pressures and injustices that people face on a daily basis which are generated by oppressive governments, capitalistic systems and war. It expresses those situations and sends a message of unity through its lyrics and instruments for people to regain their rights and power.