Glen Hansard @ Leisureland

Glen Hansard

Fri 15th December, 2023 Doors: 7:00pm
@ Leisureland

Róisín Dubh presents


15 December / Leisureland


Known for his dynamic live shows, Hansard, like so many, navigated the pandemic by doing random pop-up shows on Instagram, which turned out to be a rewarding and worthwhile way to stay connected to his fan base. However, it could never take the place of the real thing and Hansard and company are anxious to grace a mixture of new and familiar stages this fall. 

Hansard will also be reconvening for a round of Irish tour dates in December. Hansard’s December Christmas shows are the stuff of legend and always feature a variety of surprise guests and deep cuts.  These five Irish shows will close out what will have been a busy “official first year” back after the long hiatus that kept so many sidelined. 

Prior to landing in Europe this fall, Hansard has a few commitments already on the books spread across not only the globe but his other musical outlets. He will be performing in Ireland with his long running band, The Frames, as they continue to celebrate over 30 years of making music. Then he will meet up again with his old counterpart in The Swell Season, Markéta Irglová, for a tour of North America as they celebrate 15 years of Once the movie.

Hansard recently released the single “Take Heart” which featured Irglová and was written after spending time with Ukrainian refugees in Ireland. Prior to that he joined Eddie Vedder’s band The Earthlings and was featured on the soundtrack Flag Day with Vedder and Cat Power. His new record is set to be released later this year.