P.A. Spec

Main Room


6x Acoustic Line B1801 (powered by MC2 E45) 4x Acoustic Line TSM15 (powered by MC2 E25)


DBX Driverack 260 processor
Midas Pro1 Audio Console (local i/o 24in/8out)
Midas DL251 (48in/16out) (optional, please advise in advance if required)


6x monitors available on 6 mixes


1x Shure B52 1x Audix D6
4x Shure SM57 2x Shure Beta57 2x Shure SM58 2x Shure Beta58 6x Senn E604 2x Senn E606 2x Rode NT5

2x Beyer MCE530

3x BSS AR-133
5x Radial PRO48
3x Behringer Ultra DI 2x Monarch DIB-100 1x Radial PRO AV1 1x Radial PRO AV2


The stage is 13” square approx with an area at the back of the stage for backline tech etc. It can also be used for bands if extended space is required.

A monitor board (Allen & Heath GL3300 24 channel) is available but requires specific advance notice for collection from storage. It also requires setup time in addtion to norrmal showtimes. Stage space is at a premium and it is possible to do 6 mixes from the FOH desk.

For those carrying their own outboard, please note that inserts are on separate send and return jacks. Also Aux sends are on XLR. You can use the insert send to send on Jack, but this loses the use of the aux master.

Further PA details can be had from [email protected]